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Write a Guest Post on Kids Land

Hi there! We’re always interested in hearing from bloggers, writers, and moms who want to contribute guest posts to Kids Land. If you’ve got a fun parenting tip or an interesting toy that you think other parents will enjoy, please feel free to get in touch with us!

We’re always interested in guest posts, as long as they meet our criteria.

We’re always interested in guest posts, as long as they meet our criteria.

Do you have a blog or website with original content? Great! We’d love to see what you’ve written before that can be featured on Kids Land.

Are you an expert in one of these fields: parenting, education, child psychology, and development? We’d love to hear from those who are passionate about these topics and how they relate to children’s growth.

Do you know a lot about popular cultures such as cartoons/animation, games, or other pop-culture phenomena? If so we would love for you to share your knowledge with our readers by telling us why something is popular or explaining the appeal of something new happening in the world today

Here’s what we’re looking for:

If you’re interested in writing a guest post for us, here are the guidelines:

  • We reserve the right to edit your submission.
  • Your content should be interesting, not just a rehash of what you’ve already written. Even if it’s amazing, we’re much more likely to accept new ideas than duplicate material from other sites.
  • Make sure your content is relevant to Kids Land readers—so think about what they’d want to read and how they would like it presented (images? video? charts?).
  • Content must take the form of a blog post and not an advertorial or sales pitch.

In depth and interesting information about kids’ issues, parenting, and/or fun activities and toys.

  • Tell us about your parenting style. Are you a laid-back parent, or do you have a strict routine? What are some of the things that you think are important for kids to learn?
  • Why do those things matter to you?

Content in the form of a blog post not an advertorial or sales pitch.

When it comes to guest posts, we don’t accept advertorials or sales pitches. We understand that as a parent there are tons of different products and services you could be promoting and it’s tempting to do so in order to make some money. However, we want our readers of Kids Land to come away feeling like they were informed and educated rather than sold something.

We also want our writers (and their work) to be respected by other parents in the community, so if you feel your post would be more of an advertisement than something educational for readers then perhaps consider another outlet for it instead?

Relevance to our audience.

  • You must write about something our audience will be interested in. To do this, you should know our audience before you start. Check out the articles we have published and see if any of them seem relevant to your interests and expertise. If you can’t find anything on our site that seems like a good fit, then it’s time to do some research!
  • Our audience is parents and kids aged 0-10 (mostly women). We have a lot of fun with them by teaching them about different topics that interest us all: food, animals and science are just some of the topics we’ve covered so far!

Don’t write to us if you don’t have something meaningful to say.

We don’t want to publish just any article on our blog. We are looking for unique and engaging content that will help our readers get inspired and motivated. If you have a passion for what you do, then let’s work together!

Don’t write to us if:

You are writing an article just to get traffic.

You don’t have anything meaningful to say about your topic or industry.

You’re not passionate about the topic/industry that you’re writing about because of a lack of knowledge/experience in it (this includes guest posting experts). You don’t have a unique perspective on the subject matter at hand or your content is not original enough (aka same old stuff) so there’s no reason why anyone should read through it unless they really love reading boring stuff 😉


We look forward to seeing what you have to offer! If you’re interested in becoming a contributor, please get in touch with us at []

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