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When can I stop Sterilising Baby Bottles?

When can I stop Sterilising Baby Bottles?

When can I stop Sterilising Baby Bottles?

The main question that bothers every mom When can I stop Sterilising baby bottles? When mom and baby get home, learning and adjusting to a new way of family life begins. The safety of the baby is certainly very important for the parents, and it can be interpreted in several ways. One of them is the Sterilising baby bottles as well as how to choose the best baby bottles for newborns.

Her immune system will be stronger and stronger day by day, ready to defend itself against unwanted bacteria and viruses. But until that happens, parents should make sure everything around the baby is clean. Her utensils should definitely be impeccably clean and preferably sterile. Sterilization is performed daily so that the baby would not become infected by using hygienically incorrect bottles and pacifiers, and it starts from the moment the baby starts using the specified equipment. To this can be added later a milling machine for teeth and toys that the baby constantly pushes into his mouth.

Regardless of the type of material from which the bottles, pacifiers, spoons are made, before any additional procedure (eg sterilization), it is necessary to first wash them with warm water and detergent intended for washing dishes, using a brush, for better mechanical removal of impurities. in cracks or furrows on the flats, pacifiers, spoons themselves

  • There are three main ways sterilising baby bottles: Sterilization with cold water and chemicals (tablets, liquid).
  • Steam sterilizers, made especially for baby bottles, electric or microwave sterilizer.
  • You can sterilize the bottles by cooking them in a special bowl for about 10 minutes from the moment of boiling, it is enough to cook the pacifier for 3-4 minutes.

How often Sterilising baby bottles?

Sterilization should not be overdone, the baby must get used to the outside world and all the microorganisms in it. It is enough to sterilize baby equipment 3-4 times a week, but after use, wash it thoroughly with warm water and detergent each time using a washing brush (which is used only for that purpose).

When to stop Sterilising baby bottles?

As the baby grows and begins to sit on its own, then the recommended time to start introducing solid foods is around the sixth month of life. You do not have to sterilize the utensils from which the baby eats and drinks (plates, bowls, spoons, glasses, cups). It is enough to wash them with dishwashing liquid and warm water, or in a dishwasher, as well as for adults. Maintaining hygiene is equally important later when the child walks and starts eating on his own. You need to get him used to wash his hands regularly, as well as to maintaining oral hygiene by brushing his teeth.

It is important to sterilize bottles and baby utensils regularly because you run the risk of developing baby thrush it knows how to be persistent and long-lasting.

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