Top 12 Christmas Storage Tips

Top 12 Christmas Storage Tips

Top 12 Christmas Storage Tips

 I can always use a little help when it comes to organizing, how about you? Since it’s almost time for cleaning up all the fun Christmas decorations, I thought it would be great to scour the internet and find some great Christmas storage tips to help us all out!  YES!

1. Put those Beaded Garlands in a drink container for a no tangle solution.


2. Use clear boxes and labels to make setting up a breeze!


3. You can fill up those gallon sized baggies with ornaments and they will all fit in your storage tote!


4. Another great ornament storage solution is to use your empty egg cartons. Here.


 5. Keep your lights untangled with this great idea! Here.


 6.  Have a bunch of garland or outdoor Christmas decor? Try storing in a clean trash bin!


7.  Ever wonder what to do with the adorable Christmas cards?  Put them on a ring to enjoy each year!


8. Or put them in a scrapbook with these adorable free downloads!


 9. No reason to pay the big bucks for expensive ornament containers, try this DIY option instead!


10. Making your own organizing divisions will save you money and keep your decorations nice and neat!


11. Here’s another great idea for organizing those ornaments  – with a large tub and a couple rods.  Genius!

Christmas ornament storage (5)

 12. Put each strand of lights in its own Ziplock Bag.  Prevents a big tangled mess!


 What’s your favorite way to organize your Christmas storage?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments.  For more organizing tips check out our pinterest board about all things organizing here!

Top 12 Christmas Storage Tips


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