The Softness of Clouds in a Neutral Nursery
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The Softness of Clouds in a Neutral Nursery

This year, we’ve been working on a lot of nursery designs! The desire for neutral rooms is something that many of our clients share. This nursery is completely neutral now, but it wasn’t always that way! For this baby’s older sister, we built the identical nursery with pinks and blues and a beautiful floral wall mural. However, when the client’s second child arrived, she relocated her daughter to a different room and decided to repaint the nursery in pure neutrals.

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The white glider, ottoman, bench, and mobile were maintained, and everything else was added. The mural on the wall was the first thing to be changed. To add neutrality and whimsy to the area, we chose a lovely gray cloud mural. After that, we required a crib. The client requested something contemporary, and the gold base lends a touch of class to the design!

Because of the unique layout of this room, we were able to situate the crib in this small niche, providing the perfect backdrop for wallpaper. The cloud pattern complements the white crib well, and the gold mobile pops out against it. We have included some new neutral blackout curtains (but kept the original hardware).

We added a modern gray dresser to the other side of the room to complement the white glider, gold mirror, and wall shelves from the prior design. To tie it all together, we added a lovely big gray side table, new artwork, and a new floor light.

The Softness of Clouds in a Neutral Nursery

The huge rug was also replaced. It was originally intended to be a pink medallion rug. As a result, we chose soft gray and sage green carpeting for the new neutral style. This gentle and neutral cloud nursery is a genuine stunner in person!

It was so much joy working on the same space twice! We were able to repurpose practically everything we pulled out of this room because everything was transferred with the first child to her new room.

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