The Most Trendy Baby Nursery Ideas of 2022
The Most Trendy Baby Nursery Ideas of 2022
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The Most Trendy Baby Nursery Ideas of 2022

The Most Trendy Baby Nursery Ideas of 2022! As we at Project Nursery move forward into another year, we’re releasing our annual predictions for the top nursery trends and kid’s room design ideas of 2022. muted rainbows and earth mama vibes were popular in 2021, but we think there’s potential for something new to take the lead in 2022. Our team has come up with fifteen 2022 nursery trends to watch. expect to see new textures, bold and rich colors, and a focus on sustainability.

Neutral Nursery with Subtle Safari Themed Elements

A lush vine-themed pattern on the wallpaper gives the space individuality. When she actually viewed the sample, my client fell in love with this design, and I believe that this was one of the first selections she made. It goes well with the striking diagonal shiplap wall. Both components work together to create the ideal balance while adding just the appropriate amount of texture. The baby animal painting, elephant table lamp, and of course the charming giraffe wall sconces add quirky details that keep the space looking fresh.

Diagonal Shiplap Wall in Neutral Nursery

The small windows in this front-facing bedroom let in a lot of natural light, which is excellent, but we did need to consider the all-important need for total darkness during nap time—cue the blackout shades! Gorgeous cascade roman blinds in a textured blackout fabric were utilized. When fully open, this style stacks well, looks excellent, and offers the darkest possible coverage when lowered. I like to overlay draperies to soften the overall appearance. To frame the windows, we selected a pair of ivory linen drapes that may also be utilized as supplementary protection if even a tiny bit of light manages to sneak through the blinds.

Acrylic Crib and Giraffe Sconces in Neutral Nursery

I utilize the same designer furniture and materials that I frequently employ in my residential projects to create elevated spaces. When creating a kids’ room, it’s crucial to take durability into account so that you won’t have to replace the furniture straight away. This is why, if there is room, I advise choosing a full-size dresser and, if desired, adding a changing tray topper to serve as your changing station. The dresser can be used until the child reaches adulthood, and the topping is detachable. This dresser really stands out in the room because to the room’s white wall and the gold hardware, which I love.

Diagonal Shiplap Wall in Gender Neutral Nursery

We layered two area rugs to create a gentle joy on the floor in order to anchor the space and add additional soft surfaces. Pro tip: By providing a soft area to sit and play for a while, this is a terrific way to make the room pleasant for adults as well if you don’t have room for more chairs. The rectangular area rug has a delicate stripe in the lovely colors of slate and alabaster. And to add even more texture and softness, we layered a rug made to look like sheepskin. This rug feels wonderfully fluffy under your feet in addition to being lovely. The additional benefit of being vegan was very important to my customer.

Giraffe Sconces and Acrylic Crib in Gender Neutral Nursery

I genuinely enjoyed working with the family to create the nursery; it turned out to be such a sweet environment. With only a few small changes and improvements, this space can easily transition for years to come and, ideally, even become a new nursery.

Photography by Hugo Landa Garcia


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