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The Importance of a Braided Crib Bumper for Your Baby’s Safety and Comfort

Braided Crib Bumper: Safety & Style for Your Baby’s Comfort & SIDS Prevention. Durable & easy to clean, perfect for any nursery decor. What is a Braided Crib Bumper? A braided crib bumper is a decorative barrier that sits inside the crib and surrounds the mattress. It is made of soft, durable materials and is […]

Braided Crib Bumper For Nursery & Childs Bed

Braided Crib Bumper For Nursery & Childs Bed

Crib bumpers are the most important accessories for your nursery. The crib bumper protects your child’s bed and keeps it clean. The braided crib bumper is made of 100% cotton and has an anti-slip finish to help keep your child safe while sleeping at night. The mattress padding consists of a soft cotton fleece inside […]

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