Nursery Decals, Polka Dot Wall Decal

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Included:  1 sheet , 24 wall stickers

Dimensions: The exact dimensions are given in the photo.



Polka Dot wall decals are a fun, colorful way to decorate any room. They’re easy to apply and they can be removed without damage to the wall.

We have four styles that you can choose from, first two images are one style, every second image is a second style, and let’s explain a little better:
– image 1 and 2 are: Style 1
– image 3 is: Style 2
– image 4 is: Style 3
– image 5 is: Style 4

The last picture is the instructions on how to stick the stickers on your wall. Be sure to wipe the wall with a cloth before applying stickers, to remove dust or grease if there is any. Choose flat parts of the wall, because it is not possible to glue on uneven areas. Follow these instructions so that the stickers stay on your wall as long as possible, they are easy to remove and install and do not leave behind any glue residue.

Note: The size of the stickers is small as in the picture, so we did not include the dimensions, and we also did not mention the dimensions of the package, because you can line up the stickers right next to each other or spread them over the entire wall, it depends on you, the number of stickers is determined and it amounts to 24 pieces

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Style 1, Style 2, Style 3, Style 4

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