All orders are processed and shipped as soon as possible, usually within 72 hours. The majority of orders are sent within 24 hours. Orders are shipped from our U.S. warehouse. The length of time it takes for your order to arrive will next be determined by your location.

DHL Express, UPS, standard shipping are used to ship orders. When your order has left our warehouse, you will be alerted and given a tracking number/link for your package.

The cost of shipping is determined by your delivery address, country, and parcel size. In the webshop, shipping is computed and presented in the shopping cart and checkout pages.

Customs and VAT

All items purchased from our online store are sent from the U.S. This implies that when importing goods into your nation, depending on whether you live in the U.S. or outside, you may face various VAT and customs rates. Instead of sending you a separate invoice, we have one pricing that includes 0% U.S. VAT. As a result, there will be instances when the U.S. 0% VAT is higher than in your country when exporting. This difference is utilized to defray the expense of customs duty.

VAT for other countries:

The United Kingdom 20%,

Australia 10%,

for other countries, please visit: WORLD: COUNTRIES VAT RATES – 2021

This means less effort for you after delivery, and you merely pay the amount listed on our website.

DHL/UPS On-Demand Delivery simplifies your delivery process. It provides you, the customer, with more flexible delivery options, such as:

Make a schedule for your delivery.
Have the package delivered to your workplace or home. Alternatively, another address
Pick up at the service station
Give it to a neighbor.