Reveal of a Southern-Inspired Nursery

Reveal of a Southern-Inspired Nursery

This design was made for a client who is from North Carolina and wanted to pay homage to her Southern origins. She described her design as “Southern charm meets seaside,” and she imagined a Southern-inspired nursery with gentle blues and greens and a relaxing atmosphere.

The Southern River Wallpaper Mural sets the tone for this nursery’s overall theme and color palette. It was the ideal find, and it goes perfectly with the mint green crib that my customer adores. The gentle and subtle tones of this mural do just that. Wall murals are a terrific way to evoke a location or atmosphere. We decided to repaint the rest of the walls.

Reveal of a Southern-Inspired Nursery

We kept the remaining components more neutral and used a range of textures for added interest because the wall painting was the focal point of the design. The glider, daybed, rug, and chandelier all have mixed neutrals, creating a layered appearance that’s snug and soothing.

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Although this room was small, as are most nurseries, we were able to fit a twin-size daybed in it. It’ll be a fantastic spot for mom or dad to nap if they need it, but it can also be used as a guest room. For a little more storage, there are several boxes underneath!

To tie everything together, I really wanted to use a statement chandelier in this space. This beaded chandelier is really lovely, and it includes a little rope element at the top that matches our color scheme perfectly.

This was a small nursery, as are most, and we had to rearrange the closet to make room for the daybed. Inside, a smaller changing table fits perfectly, and my customer purchased many nice storage boxes to go above it.

It was so much fun to watch this nursery come together! It began as an e-Design, but the client was a local one. I was able to watch the progress photographs, and we eventually decided to photograph the entire space. She did a fantastic job of bringing our design to life!

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