Braided Crib Bumper

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Length: 300cm or 118″
Width:        10cm/3.9″
Material:    Cotton fabric and high-quality filling that is 100% hypoallergenic.
Color:           White, Pink, Purple, Blue, Green Beige.


Braided Crib Bumper for Baby Crib

The Braided Crib Bumper is the ideal solution if your child sleeps restlessly in his crib. As you already know, a child rolls over at night and risks getting stuck arm or leg between crib spindles. It is also common for head injuries to occur while the baby is turning, so the ideal solution is Baby Bumpers for Cribs.

Since we have protected the child from injuries, why shouldn’t the Crib Protector be a decoration that gives a unique look to the entire children’s room? Soft to the touch and in various colors will make your child’s room irresistible. Did we mention how multifunctional it is? The short or long braided Crib Bumpers can also be used as tummy time support, or when breastfeeding.

Cot Bumper as Room Decoration

The bumper allows for increased airflow in and out of the crib. Compared with standard bumpers and with many colors to choose from, it will surely match your nursery decor! Don’t miss this opportunity, to decoration your Baby Crib Bed! Also the most important thing, this will protect your toddler to sleep safely in his crib.


  • Material: Cotton fabric and high-quality filling that is 100% hypoallergenic.
  • Color: White, Pink, Purple, Blue, Green Beige.


  • Length: 300cm or 118″
  • Width:9-10cm or 3.5″-3.9″


Machine washed in low temperature on gentle cycle 30 degrees, best to wash separately to prevent other items being caught in the Cot Bumper.

We guarantee the quality and durability of the product, which attracts the eye with its appearance. Simple and modern Braids for babies are finely stuffed that will highlight the space in your baby’s crib and protect it from unwanted injuries. All of this alleviates the concern that your baby is not injured while sleeping soundly in his crib.


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Blue, Green Beige, Pink, Purple, White

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