Canopy for girls bed

When it comes to our little princesses,  we will do everything to make them happy and find the most beautiful decor for a girl’s room. Canopy for girls bed is an ideal way to turn your princess room into a fairytale place which can be the same as a crib canopy but for other purposes. 

Here you will find a canopy bed for toddler girls in various colors from soft pink to neutral colors such as beautiful beige. A wonderful selection of materials from cotton to tulle that perfectly suits delicate children’s skin. With soft bedding and beautiful sleepgram pilows, the princess bed canopy turns into a real oasis for cuddling.

There is no limit when it comes to princess canopy bed toddlers it can be used both outside and inside. With the right baby rug, it creates a beautiful corner for playing and fantasizing. 

Protect your baby girl

If you are wondering how to protect your child bed canopy is the ideal solution. Excellent protection of children from annoying mosquitoes and beetles. That is why children sleep better and are more comfortably surrounded by a pink bed canopy.

Dimensions of bed canopy

Before each purchase, take a good look at the dimensions of each bed canopy. A standard toddler mattress is 28” wide by 52” long and 6” in depth. By choosing any of our canopies over a toddler mattress of this size, it will easily and nicely fit. In most cases, our dimensions are Total Height: Approx.240cm /94.5inch (Not included in the length of the top cotton string), Diameter of Steel Ring: Approx. 50cm / 19.7inch. Each bed netting will easily cover the standards of a cot.