Sleepgram Pillow

We’ll focus on the Sleepgram Pillow, because everyone loves it, and has a unicate design. The two separate inserts are used independently in the outer cover for a soft or medium feel or combined for a firm feel. The insoles contain a polyester microfiber padding made to replicate the soft softness of the down. The washable cover consists of cotton with a lining of polyester fabric, made to resist allergens and bacteria.

We will examine the design, performance, pricing, and guidelines of the sleeping pillow to help you decide if this customizable option is right for you.

Sleepgram Pillow design and materials

The Sleepgram pillow stands out with its amazing design and very fine and soft structure. The pillow we use for decoration, just because of its specific look that suits every corner. We also use pillows for sleeping, just because of their softness and material, which is of different strength.

Sleepgram washable cover

The outer cover of the sleeping pillow we washed to reduce the accumulation of mites and the pillow inflated to keep the attic. That said, polyester microfiber fill has a tendency to flatten over time, especially with continued use.