Games and play might go for hours, and you never know where you’ll end up! However, if you need to rest or nap, it’s ideal to snuggle up with a nice, cozy cushion…

A seashell pillow is one of the smallest and simple pillows that can be found in a home. It is so much more than a seashell pillow. It is also a perfect gift for a seashell lover.

Kids Land decorative pillows are attractive, soft, and practical. They are a great addition to a child’s room, making it extremely comfortable and conducive to naps and, of course, play!

Associated with the soft touch collection of Seashell Pillow

This collection was designed because we enjoy cuddling! Cuddling is the most delightful remedy for a poor mood, as it promotes both your health and your intellect.
Make your own cushion combinations from the patterns provided!

A lovely fluffy shell-shaped cushion, hand-sewn from high-quality apricot velvet fabric with elastane that lays and shines nicely. For the bedroom and the living room, super soft to the touch.

Filled with anti-allergic silicone fibre balls of the highest quality. It may be washed safely in the washing machine, and the filling will remain fluffy and elastic.


The fabric is made up of 82% cotton and 12% polyester.
Dimensions: 49 x 45 centimeters.
Temperature for washing: up to 30°C.