Crib Sheets

Crib linens are available in almost as many different styles, designs, and colors as there are babies on the planet. Okay, that may be a minor exaggeration, but it’s safe to say that picking out bedding for your baby’s crib allows parents to have some fun when it comes to nursery design.

Experts advocate placing babies to sleep on their backs in their cribs without any frills, such as a pillow, blanket, bumpers, or stuffed animals, which means the crib sheet is the star of the bedtime show.

On your baby’s mattress, the crib linens should be snug. It’s critical to purchase a brand that’s the right size for your baby’s mattress and has deep corner pockets to ensure a secure fit that won’t slip or become loose.

Fabric is also an important factor to consider. In the summer, airy muslin is a good choice, while in the winter, a toasty flannel is a good choice. There are also bamboo and organic cotton choices, which some parents prefer because their baby’s skin will be so close to the sheet.

You should buy at least two sheets to ensure that you always have a clean one on hand. If your crib mattress isn’t waterproof, consider investing in a mattress cover to aid with those pesky diaper leaks in the middle of the night.