New Year, Better You. 12 Products to Support Your Goals.


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It’s a New Year! I know the past couple years have been doozies, but one thing I’ve learned is if you can’t control what goes on around you.

You can, however, control YOU! That’s why 2022 is the best year ever for YOU! I have a goal to read 22 books this year and I know it’s going to happen! Whether your goals or little or BIG, it helps to have the right tools and product to encourage your growth. Maybe it’s the right work out gear to get active, decor to refresh your home, or a fun family game to support more quality family time, Zulily has your back. 

One thing I love about Zulily is that if you purchase something on Friday, you just pay shipping once, and get free shipping the rest of the weekend! How cool is that? I also love that each day, you’re going to find NEW deals on GREAT products. I love checking my email each day to see what will be offered!

I’ve rounded up 12 different products, at excellent price points, that will help you move into 2022 with a little hop in your step. 


Leopard leggings: I mean, if you’re going to set those fitness goals, you better look the part! These are not only practical and comfortable, but that subtle leopard print is right on point! This is a great brand of leggings that will even stay up when you’re doing squats!

Lounge set:  Self-care a goal of yours? Get comfy with this darling matching lounge set. Wear it to bed or to run errands!

Anne of Green Gables: To go with that comfy lounge set, you surely need a good book. Reread a classic like this one. It also looks gorgeous on your bookshelf with a cover unlike any others!

Jewelry organizer: Getting organized is top on the list for many of us! Sometimes the simplest areas are the most difficult to find a system for. I love this organizer because it’s simple and low profile. You can close it up and even make it portable!

Floral shower curtain: Refreshing your home? Shower curtains often need a replacement and I’m loving the energy on this one. Bright, colorful and happy – just how I want to feel each morning!

Morning Mantras cards Are affirmations something you do? I’ve done them with a few of my kids and I think there’s a lot of power in them. These cards will help you get started.

My Family Cookbook:  Another forgotten area to organize for me is my recipe books! I love this idea because not only does it help you get your stuff together, it’s also a keepsake for years to come. Combine all your favorite family recipes in one book!

Subtle Cheetah Comforter set: One of my personal goals this year is to FINALLY finish decorating my daughter’s room! I am in love with this subtle cheetah print and think it would be perfect in a tween room (or any room at that!).

Goals Sticky Pad: No better way to remind and motivate yourself than these sticky notes! Aren’t they fun? I got some for my tweens to put up in their locker too!

Spice organizer: Have you taken a look at that spice drawer recently? It need helps! This organizer will help AND looks so pretty!

Hyacinth basket: Creating a more calming home is easy with pretty decor like this basket! Use it on the coffee table to store the remotes and a candle, or place it in the guest bathroom to display all the toiletries. This is gorgeous and at the right price!

Reusable storage bags: Eating healthy is easier when you prepare snacks ahead of time. These reusable storage bags are perfect for carrying around your baby carrots or other healthy snacks. Plus, they are easy to clean, better for the environment, and save you money in the long run. 

Great finds, right? And all at prices that will make you smile too!
Here’s to a new year, and a better YOU!
Welcome, 2022!




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