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New Nursery Trend: Gender Neutral Nursery

New Nursery Trend: Gender Neutral Nursery

Recently, a new trend in nursery design has emerged: the gender-neutral nursery. This design approach is characterized by simplicity, unobtrusiveness and the use of neutral colors. The popularity of this trend can be attributed to the growing popularity of the Scandinavian design aesthetic and the bohemian style, both of which feature clean lines and gentle tones. Additionally, this trend is becoming more popular for a very practical reason: it can be suitable for any child regardless of gender.

One of the best things about creating a gender-neutral nursery is that it allows for flexibility in decorating. As your child grows and their interests and tastes change, you can easily add new colors and patterns to the room without having to completely redecorate. The key to decorating a gender-neutral nursery is to choose versatile colors, like white, gray or beige and use them as a base, you can then add colors and patterns by using removable decals, rugs, curtains, or other accessories.

When it comes to decorating the gender-neutral nursery, you can consider many options as to create a comfortable and peaceful space that makes you and your baby feel at home. Opt for natural materials like wood, bamboo, or linen, add some plants, and use lighting to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. This way, you will have a room that is not only versatile, but also elegant and functional.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own gender-neutral nursery or simply curious about the latest trends in nursery design, the ideas we’ve shared here should give you a good starting point. Remember to always keep in mind the safety and comfort of your child when decorating.

Gender Neutral Nursery Wallpaper

Herringbone Wallpaper We have seen it pop up in so many different styled nurseries and love how versatile it is. Simple but with a sophisticated design, they are great for gender neutral nursery. They have multipurpose use, you can use them for other parts of the house such as: dining room, bedroom, bathroom, living room, hotel, office, kitchen counter, TV background, shelf liner, drawer liner.

New Nursery Trend: Gender Neutral Nursery
Baby Crib|Wallpaper|Side Table|

Comfy Chair

Another catch is how to add detail, how different if not with a comfy chair? You can choose as in our picture one nice neutral chair if it is too neutral for you, play with colors. Why is a chair so important for gender neutral nursery? The chair is not only important for the decoration in the nursery room, the chair is very important for nursing mamas, so it is very important that the chair is extremely comfortable.

Remember that being nursery neutral doesn’t necessarily mean that without color you can always add some detail to break the monotony. You can add a wallpaper in color, wall decals, some furniture that will pop up from the percentage of the room.

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