Baby bed canopy

Modern Nursery Ideas to Decorate Baby Room

Floral Wallpaper

If you are expecting a baby you are probably wondering how to decorate a baby room. Depending on whether you are expecting a boy or a girl, it depends on the colors you will use. We should start with the walls first. Just imagine white walls, what if you added a little color to them? Well there would be magic! Give the children’s room a little color, if you really hate to paint the walls, it’s easiest to stick wallpaper. Apart from being easy to install, the wallpapers present beautiful pictures on the walls. If you are a flower lover and like endless fields full of flowers, put floral wallpaper on the walls as a decor.

Play with colors, change when you get bored of the same combination. And don’t just limit yourself to the children’s room, add flowers to the living room or maybe the office, why not?

Floral Wallpapers

Bed Decoration Canopy

Baby Bed canopy is a mandatory detail of every boho nursery, it is extremely trendy in the last couple of years and the trend to decorate a children’s room and baby room with mosquito net canopy is not waning. It fits practically into any room settings, it is not limited only to boho nursery. You can find them in different colors and different materials, choose the ones that go best with your room.

Bed Decoration Canopy

Baby Plat Mat

You can find them in different shapes, different colors, from different materials. Baby mat’s are not just for playing babies on them, because of the various designs in which you can find them, they are a great decoration for baby nursery. Many use them as a base for changing diapers, a play mat for tummy time, a comfy spot for naps or picnics. The possibilities are limitless!

Baby Play Mat

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