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How to apply wall sticker’s for baby room

In this blog we will deal with topic of how to apply wall decal for baby room. Before you start gluing, clean the surface on which you will stick the stickers, it must be smooth, clean and dry. If it is dusty, the sticker will peel off over time, so wipe the surface with a clean cloth. Do not stick stickers on freshly painted walls, wait for them to dry for a couple of days and only then stick them.

You can place stickers on windows, doors, walls and furniture, which gives you a wonderful decoration in the space. The advantage of stickers is that you can stick them on the desired place and remove them yourself, without anyone’s help, following the instructions. Once removed, the wall decal sticker cannot be pasted in a new place. Therefore, apply the label carefully, following the sequence of steps.

wall decal

First you must know where to use:

  • Paint wall;
  • Ceramic tile;
  • Smooth wall paper;
  • Wood surface;
  • Metal surface;
  • Plastic surface;
  • Smooth wall;
  • Glass or mirror surface.

Where you can’t use wall stickers:

  • Dirty surface;
  • Plastered wall;
  • Brick wall.

How to stick a wall decal a sticker?

Follow the instructions below, step by step, and you will avoid the danger of the sticker moving or warping. Of course, you will also prevent the appearance of bubbles that can form when air is trapped under the sticker.

Wipe a wall with dry towel

Before you start gluing your sticker, with a clean cloth, wet or dry, wipe the wall surface from dust. If you decide to stick to tiles, furniture, glass or plastic, we recommend that you wipe the surfaces with alcohol or some alcohol-based window cleaner to degrease it. This will allow for a better grip. Wait for the place where you will stick it to dry well before continuing.

Pre-mark the paste location with pencil or tape

Mark with a pencil or marker the exact place where the sticker will be placed, to make sure it is not slanted or that it is not too low or too high. Place the sticker in the marked place and secure with duct tape or paper tape along the top edge.

Tear off along the edge of the pattern

Slowly remove the protective paper. Be careful not to contaminate the surface to be adhered to, and this is best achieved by starting to peel off the protective layer from where the label is attached to the backing tape. Slightly peel off the back (back) layer and lower the sticker. Press the top layers of the label, going down, to avoid bubbles. Use a plastic spatula, if the surface is ideally flat, or a soft cloth that will adhere well to not very smooth surfaces, so that the sticky side adheres better to the surface.

Fix a corner and press to other side slowly

Finally, once again run the appropriate tool, cloth or spatula, over the entire surface, due to any bubbles, and the job is done.

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