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How Long Can Breast Milk Stay Out of the Refrigerator, and How Long is Safe in the Refrigerator?

How Long Can Breast Milk Stay Out of the Refrigerator, and How Long is Safe in the Refrigerator?

What is the best way to keep breast milk for a baby? How long can breast milk stay out of the refrigerator? How long does it last in the fridge? You might be out of the house for several hours and unable to breastfeed your baby. It is possible that you will be required to work longer hours, travel, undergo testing, or have an older kid become unwell… and it is becoming increasingly common that the mother is required to return to work soon after giving birth.

Should breast milk be stored properly? The given recommendations refer to the storage of milk for a healthy baby born at term, for use at home. If your baby was born prematurely and/or hospitalized, be sure to consult a doctor about guidelines on how to store milk in that case!

Thawed breast milk can be used to prepare great nutritious baby porridges! You can store your milk and use it when needed. Storage begins with the extraction process – manually or with a pump (manual or electric). Milking pumps are recommended because the milk is collected directly in a sterile bottle that goes with the pump, so there is no contamination from the outside. In such bottles, it can be stored until the meal. Always wash with clean hands! Wash the milk storage containers with detergent in hot water and then rinse well.

How to Freeze Breast Milk?

After milking, pour the milk into the bag on which the date of milking will be written. You can use milk prepared in this way to prepare porridge when the time is right. Proper storage of milk is extremely important in order to preserve the nutritional and anti-infective properties of breast milk and prevent contamination with bacteria from the environment. Milk can only be used if stored properly!

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