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Easy DIY Princess Canopy - Toddler Bed Canopy
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Easy DIY Princess Canopy – Toddler Bed Canopy

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Decorations for toddler crib canopy, DIY

Decorations for toddler crib canopy, DIY

There’s no reason to be afraid of a bold boy bed canopy in the bedroom, especially when it looks as fantastic as it does in this area. The color is a great match for the peach-colored walls in this room.

Decorations for toddler crib canopy, DIY

Soft blues may be just as relaxing as light pinks, as this space demonstrates. As seen above, a dusty blue canopy will go nicely with a variety of other textile colors, including light purples.

purple canopy and yellow bedding

In this warm bedroom, a range of warm tones stands out. The deep purple canopy and yellow bedding are ideal for a child who desires a bright environment. The regal color scheme gives the impression that the room is truly appropriate for a princess.

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canopy and scalloped border

If you want to keep things simple, just add a canopy and some matching wall decals (or a painted border if you’re feeling inventive). With a scalloped design, you can’t go wrong!

muted pink canopy bed

When we think of pink, we usually think of a bubble gum hue, but more muted variants of the color can be just as lovely. This space is ideal for a child with a lot of imagination.

floral decor on canopy

It’s a bed-sized floral crown! Top a sheer canopy with a flower design that makes a beautiful statement to add some boho flair to your daughter’s sleep place.

fake ivy on canopy

In this primarily black and white bedroom, faux vines pop once more. This is the way to go if you want to add color to your sleeping environment but don’t want something too flowery.

pink and white bedding

A traditional pink-and-white combination has no flaws. For a timeless style, choose solid-colored bedding that will grow with your child.

star banner on canopy

Who hasn’t fantasized about sleeping under the stars? For those who want to do just that, we have a simple solution. Attach a star-shaped banner to the girl canopy, and your child will be able to do precisely that every night.

sheer canopy and wallpaper

A translucent canopy adds glitz to this bedroom without taking away from the beautiful wallpaper behind the bed. The fabric’s flower motif lends a charming vintage touch as well.

canopy bunk beds

Bunkbeds are already a lot of fun, and we’ve come up with a way to make them even more so. Even those who are bunking can enjoy the benefits of a canopy bed! This canopy is long enough to wrap around both the top and bottom bunks, and it’s decorated with bright pink pom-poms.

canopy bed with pillows

The addition of numerous throw pillows makes this canopy bed even cozier, and it also serves as a stylish area to recline during the day. After school, your child and her friends will enjoy hanging out in this area.

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