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Designer-Approved Bathroom Refresh Tips – Inspired By This

If your bathroom is a sensitive topic in your house, but you can’t manage a full remodel then this article is for you! We have been in your exact position before, and we understand the frustration of wanting to do a full refresh. That being said, when you are refreshing a bathroom it is important to hear the advice of the experts. Thankfully we have asked some of our favorite interior designers for their bathroom refresh tips, and they do not disappoint.

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Tip 1: Add Eye-Catching Wallpaper

Sometimes all you need to refresh a powder room is some good wallpaper! It adds a fun sophisticated vibe and turns an ordinary room into a little jewel box. For example, a fabulous Schumacher wallpaper found in this project inspired the entire space with its luxurious grasscloth texture and emerald green pop of color. This powder room is now a brilliant space that took a tired bathroom from drab to fab! – Interior Designer Rebecca Hay

Tip 2: Swap Out Flooring

If your bathroom floor is what’s bugging you – opt for replacing with new tile, that’s also better on the environment. In this project for example, we used our Scandinavian-inspired STELLA tile to breathe new life into the space. Printed on 12×12 Polar ice Terrazo, which is made from recycled materials, the homeowner was able to achieve a fresh, Scandinavian vibe and an easy installation process. Their floors are now gorgeous, timeless AND durable for years to come. – LIVDEN – Georgie Smith + Hilary Gibbs

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Tip 3: Change Out Hardware

Something as simple as swapping out existing hardware in your bathroom can make a world of difference. For example, in this project, we didn’t love the new vanity’s hardware so we decided to replace with elegant brass finishes that completely transformed the piece. – Interior Designer Maureen Stevens

Tip 4: Swap Out Your Lighting Fixtures

I am crazy about good lighting. Nothing is more “meh” than one of those old, beat-up fixtures from the Nineties—you know, the ones you can see the dead flies through. Take a look at these stunning white “Audrey” wall sconces I found at Cedar & Moss for one of my clients. They’re definitely worth showing a little love for. – Jeanelle Ditto of Blush Interior Design

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Tip 5: Refresh Those Surfaces

Countertops would be my third easy bathroom hack—it’s amazing how much a fresh slab can really update a tired old bathroom. Most slab yards have prefab pieces for a fraction of the cost of a full slab you would typically need for a large bathroom or kitchen. We updated the countertop using a stunning prefab piece I found for a client at one of my local slab yards to give the space a fresh new vibe. – Jeanelle Ditto ofBlush Interior Design

Did you find these bathroom refresh tips to be helpful? Let us know in the comments!

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