Best way to Loosen Figure Joints
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Best way to Loosen Figure Joints

Children and adults alike like action figures all throughout the world. Many collectors find it difficult to resist the impulse to take their action figures out of the package and play with them right away. Excessive play can cause action figures’ joints to wear down and loosen, and before you know it, those beloved action figures are sitting down instead of striking dramatic stances.

Some of the best tutorials that we find on “How to Fix Loose joints on Action Figures“.

Ball Joint Tightening

Examine the problematic locations. In most cases, more than one joint will need to be tightened.

Disconnect the need-to-repair joints. To do so, gently pull the joint apart while grasping the area on either side of the joint. To work on a knee joint, for example, grip the thigh in one hand and the calf in the other while pulling the joint apart. Your joint should readily pop apart without the need for force.

Apply a coat of clear nail paint to the joint’s ball as well as the joint’s socket. Allow at least an hour for the nail polish to dry.

Press the ball side of the joint into the socket side of the joint to reassemble it. By rotating the joint back and forth, you can determine how tight it is.

Steps 2–5 can be repeated as needed. It may take two or three coats of nail polish to make particularly loose joints sufficiently tight.

To reset any stressed plastic, place your action figure in the freezer for around 30 minutes. By drawing the joints apart, the cold air will tighten the softened plastic.

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Swivel Joint Tightening

Examine the problematic locations. Only tighten the joints that need it.

1/3 the size of the joint, cut a little piece of craft paper. Select a craft paper color that is similar to the color of the joint.

Carefully put the piece of paper into the joint with a toothpick or a razor knife. While inserting the paper, you may need to move the joint back and forth. After insertion, the craft paper should not be visible.

Swivel Joints: An Alternative Method

Examine the problematic locations. To prevent making a mess, start with the main joints and work your way down to the minor joints.

A single drop of transparent nail paint should be applied to the junction. Make an effort to get as much nail paint inside the joint as possible.

To uniformly disseminate the nail polish within the joint, move the joint back and forth.

Allow at least an hour for the nail polish to dry. Move the joint on a regular basis to avoid the nail polish from locking it in one position.

Steps 2-4 can be repeated as needed. For excessively loose joints, many drops of nail polish will be required.


To avoid a mess, use modest amounts of nail polish.

When working with swivel joints, a toothpick might be useful for applying nail polish.

To remove noticeable glossiness caused by excess nail polish, use a gentle kitchen scrub pad.


When using a razor knife, use caution. Sharp things can harm your action figure as well as injure you.

Instead of nail paint, super glue can be utilized. However, it can corrode some plastics, produce white flakes, and be difficult to work with.

If you get nail polish on your fingers while working, it can leave shiny fingerprints.

Joints should not be forced. To avoid injuring your action figure, use only light pressure.

Do not freeze your action figure for more than 30 minutes at a time. The plastic on your action figure may become brittle as a result of this.

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