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Baby White Dressers & Drawers

Baby White Dressers & Drawers


It’s a baby’s first year, and you’re ready to decorate your nursery. You want something that will last for years to come, but it also needs to be stylish and functional. That’s where white dressers come in! The best thing about these stylish pieces is that they can go with anything—from a simple crib or changing table to a more elaborate bed frame.

Here our top Baby White Dressers & Drawers that you can find easily:

Relaxed Classic Dresser

The Relaxed Classic Dresser is made of solid pine and has a classic design. It features four drawers, which are perfect for storing your clothes.

This dresser can be used in any room of the house, but it looks especially great in an entryway or master suite. It’s also available in other colors like black and white if you don’t want to go with the neutral color scheme.

Customers who have purchased this piece say that it looks beautiful and fits perfectly into their decorating scheme. They love how sturdy it is compared to other similar products out there on the market today!

c629fc55a089ffd1001089036d2cd02b – Baby White Dressers & Drawers

Mila 3-Drawer Chest

This Mila 3-Drawer Chest is a great option for storing your clothes and bedding. It’s designed by Michael Aram, who has been creating beautiful pieces of furniture since 1985. The drawer fronts are made from MDF and steel, while the top drawer is lined with cedar. The drawers have smooth edges so they won’t scratch your clothing or damage delicate fabrics like silk or satin sheets.

This piece can be used as both a dresser or nightstand—you’ll never have to worry about knocking something over when you get up in the middle of the night! You can also use it as a chest if you don’t mind looking at all those empty spaces under there (which is actually pretty cool).

Mila Bedside Table - 3 Drawer Clay | VIDA Living

Mila 5-Drawer Dresser

This 5-drawer dresser is a great choice for any bedroom. The white finish and simple, classic design will fit right into your space—and it’ll look good doing it!

The Mila features five drawers, which can be used to store clothes or other items. The drawer pulls have been designed in such a way that they are easily accessible by children as well as adults. The height of each drawer is 25cm (1”), so you don’t have to worry about reaching inside when you need something like socks or underwear!

The dimensions of this piece are H55 x W45 x D35cm (22″ x 17″) – perfect for storing sheets and towels next to bedside tables or nightstands where space is limited but still need plenty of surface area for storage purposes.

Buy Mila Tall Chest in Treacy's Furniture shop, Kilkenny

Florentine Dresser

Our Florentine Dresser is a great choice for your baby’s nursery. It features 3 drawers and is made from solid wood construction with a white finish, making it easy to coordinate with other furniture pieces in the room.

Each drawer has felt lining to protect your child’s clothes and linings are on metal glides so they glide smoothly when they’re pulled out. The drawers have metal pulls as well (no plastic here!). This dresser measures 32W x 19D x 28H inches when assembled fully vertically; it comes in several finishes including antique white, black cherry, and espresso cherry oak veneered plywood cabinets with an espresso finish like ours!

Beaufort Dresser / Changer

Cottage 6 Drawer Changing Table

The Cottage 6 Drawer Changing Table is a beautiful and functional piece of furniture for your little one’s nursery. This changing table features six drawers, which can be arranged in any combination to suit your child’s needs. The white finish gives it an elegant look that will complement most décor styles, while still offering plenty of storage space for all their belongings (or those of other family members).

The solid wood construction ensures that this changing table will last through many years, while still being easy enough to assemble at home by yourself!

Cargo 6-Drawer Changing Table (White) | The Land of Nod | Baby changing tables, Changing table, White 6 drawer dresser

Chelsea Dresser

The Chelsea Dresser is a classic white dresser, perfect for any child’s room. This sturdy piece of furniture can be used as a changing table or simply as an adult’s nightstand.

The Chelsea Dresser has six drawers, two on each side and one large central drawer at the bottom. Each drawer has its own locking mechanism so you don’t have to worry about children getting into them while they’re in use!

The body of this dresser is made from solid pine wood that has been finished in white paint with no veneers or other materials added during the manufacturing process (which means it will last forever!).

Rachael Ray Home Chelsea 6 Drawer Dresser in White/Gold 7810-1100

Herald 7 Drawer Standard Dresser

The Herald 7-Drawer Standard Dresser is a great option for your bedroom. This modern dresser comes with seven drawers, and it’s made from MDF. You can easily assemble this dresser yourself! The dimensions of this piece are 60″ x 17.25″ x 32″.

The white finish will complement any room in your home or child’s playroom perfectly—and it’ll look great next to their bed or desk too!

Pin on home

Parkmore 6 Drawer Double Dresser

  • 6 drawers
  • 2 bottom drawers are deeper than the others
  • Durable construction, made in the USA.

Delta Children 6 Drawer Double Dresser & Reviews | Wayfair

Check out these beautiful, highly-rated white dressers for an elegant and timeless addition to your nursery.

There are so many beautiful options available to you when it comes to white dressers and drawers. These pieces are all made from high quality materials, and they come with a variety of different options so you can find the one that suits your nursery best.

  • The White Dresser by Pippin Furniture is an elegant piece that looks great in any nursery or bedroom. It has a rich, creamy finish that makes it feel like a piece of art when it’s assembled. The clean lines of this dresser make it perfect for storing clothes or toys, but it’s also attractive enough to serve as an attractive focal point in many rooms throughout your home.
  • If you’re looking for something more affordable than what we’ve just discussed here today (and we hope everyone does!), then consider purchasing this gorgeous white dresser from Target instead! This piece features solid wood construction with two drawers underneath its glass doors; two side panels slide out easily when needed—and even though there aren’t any fancy details like leather handles on these doors like some other options might offer up elsewhere online might consider trying out before making up your mind too soon…


We hope that this list of white dressers has helped you find the perfect nursery furniture for your baby. We put a lot of thought into how these pieces should be used and what kind of traits should be considered when making your selection—but ultimately, if you’re looking for something that will last a lifetime, then we believe all these pieces will suit you well!

And finally, we have set aside something special for parents with small babies. Baby dresser with changing tables for the best price:

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