4 Cleaning Hacks for Busy Moms

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Parents today are busier than ever. And more time spent raising a successful family means less time available for cleaning up after them. Believe us, we know. Between all of us moms at HowDoesShe, we have dozens of children at various stages of dependence. On any given day, you can find us driving our kids to soccer, walking them to school, helping them with Algebra, and cooking up meal after meal to fuel their speedy metabolisms.

The less we have to clean, the better. These cleaning hacks have saved us invaluable time and energy that we can pour into our kids instead of on hands and knees scrubbing.


1. Go Robot

Going robot is quite possibly one of the best decisions you will ever make. Robot vacuums clean your home so you don’t have to, saving you valuable time and energy every single day. And fairly new to the market, Dreametech vacuums are some of the most innovative AND affordable robot vacuums available right now.

Automated floor cleaning is the ultimate cleaning hack that is now more economical than ever. You really don’t have to spend a lot anymore to get a great robot vacuum; Dreametech Bot vacuums start at just $299.99 and the value you get in return is unsurmountable. After years of intense work, Dreametech has developed a series of innovations and over 150 patents to perfect the robot vacuum technology and make it more accessible to the everyday homeowner. Why spend nearly a thousand dollars on some brands when Dreametech has the same cutting-edge technology at a much more affordable price.

Dreame robot vacuums have:

Dreametech robot vacuums have:

  • LiDar Navigation that draws virtual maps and effective route cleaning for each room and zone in your house. (*A feature that isn’t available in any other robot vacuum at this price point!)
  • 3Kpa sucking power and high powered motors that makes keeping a house clean so much easier.
  • The ability to create multi-room maps for more efficient house cleaning.


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2. Go Cordless

Brooms are pretty much a relic that you’ll hardly miss after going cordless. Dreametech cordless stick vacuums take the place of sweeping and make that normally cumbersome chore an easy one. And again, you’ll pay less for superior technology than you will with other high price brands and Dreametech vacuums work longer per charge than the majority of others out there.

3. Sweep and mop at the same time

Kill two birds with one stone by mopping and sweeping at the same time. Wet and dry vacuums are becoming all the rage and for good reason–they suck up dirt and debris while giving your floor a high-powered mop. These are great for bathrooms, utility rooms, and kitchens that see a lot of high traffic. Cut your cleaning time in half with a good wet and dry vacuum.  

4. More cleaning hacks for those tough places

If saving time is your main motive, you’ll also love these smart deep cleaning hacks that we use a few times a year. (#5 is pretty genius.)

The truth is, most busy moms and homeowners are looking for hacks to make their home shine in as little time as possible. Our favorite way to do that is on auto-pilot. Opt for a robot vacuum (and you really don’t need to spend a fortune to get a great one) and you’ll never look back.

Grab a Dreametech now and for a very limited time, get 20% off with code D920OFF.



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