3 reasons you need to make a trip to SeaWorld…SOON!

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I just got back from one of my very favorite places to visit…SeaWorld San Diego! I took my daughter 4 years ago for her 12th birthday (picture on the left) and we have wanted to return ever since!

So, when I decided to surprise my now 16 year old daughter (and one of her best friends) with a San Diego trip to see Harry Styles in concert, I made sure to stay an extra day just so we could enjoy a day at SeaWorld again! She is as tall as I am now (picture on the right) but we had just as much fun as we did last time!



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Pretty much everything about SeaWorld is delightful, but we came up with our top 3 reasons you need to put SeaWorld at the top of your bucket list!

#1 Up Close With Sea Life!

I have always been amazed with everything living around and under the sea. It is so fun and interesting to be able to observe up close. I learn so much each time I travel to SeaWorld. They do such a great job at teaching with all the senses. I especially love all the different angles we are given to observe, from above, from the side, and even from below!

What is SeaWorld’s focus?

I love how they focus on what we can do to help protect the ocean and all that benefits from each of us doing our part. We found ourselves returning to the touch pools over and over, especially to the little Cleaner Fish that eat the dead skin from your hands. It is hard to not jerk your hand away at first, but as you get used to it – it is actually relaxing!

#2 The Presentations!

We LOVE the presentations! I am always AMAZED at the creative ways SeaWorld comes up with to show off the amazing animals. These presentations are a great reason to travel to SeaWorld! The Sea Lion Live show is always good for a laugh, Dolphin Days is stunning, and Orca Encounter is inspiring. I make sure to set an alarm on my phone for each show I want to see, so I am sure not to miss them! I also love SeaWorld’s app, that makes it super easy to pick what shows you want to see, schedule your day, and find your way around, such a nice touch!

#3 The Rides!

I am a bit of an amusement park ride junkie – I LOVE rides! SeaWorld has one of my favorite coasters in all the land: Manta!

While I am all about some good loops and barrel rolls, Manta has neither, but the suspense it builds at the beginning and the fun music leading up to the FAST take off just makes me so happy. I have been on it countless times and I smile and get excited to ride EVERY time!

My other two favorites are Journey to Atlantis, and Electric Eel. I have been on so many coasters, but for some reason I was actually terrified to ride the Electric Eel. I couldn’t let two 16 year olds show me up, however, so I closed my eyes, hung on tight, and LOVED it…the second time. 🙂

Bonus Reason To Visit SeaWorld: Christmas Celebration!

It was super fun to be there during the Christmas Celebration. Living in Idaho, we don’t see palm trees very often, especially paired with Christmas trees!

We, unfortunately, were a couple days too early to see the Christmas presentations they added for the season. BUT there was such a happy and upbeat feeling walking through the park with festive music playing, fun Christmas displays, and lots of twinkle lights!

If you are lucky enough to go before Jan.2, I wouldn’t miss the Holiday Fireworks, Clyde and Seamore’s Christmas Special, Santa’s Circus Show and Snowfall at Jingle Bell Square. They all sound magical!

There is for sure something for everyone at SeaWorld! Hurry and go grab your BOGO tickets so you can experience this amazing park! When will you take a trip to SeaWorld?

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