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13 Christmas Decorating Ideas for Kids Rooms

13 Christmas Decorating Ideas for Kids Rooms


The holidays are here, and you know what that means: time to decorate! Whether it’s your child’s room or yours, here are some great ideas for Christmas decorating that will make the season feel festive.

Here our top 13 Christmas Decorating Ideas for Kids Rooms that you can find easily:

String Lights

String lights can be used in many different ways. You can use them to decorate the room by hanging them around the walls, or you can use them as a border around the room. For example, if you want to create a Christmas theme on your child’s bedroom ceiling, string lights would be great for doing so! You could also add string lights as accents throughout their room or even along an entire hallway leading into it.

String Lights: A Simple Way To Decorate Your Child’s Room

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Pom Pom Garland

  • Pom Pom Garland
  • Use scissors to cut red ribbon into 1-inch pieces.
  • Tie each piece of ribbon around a pom pom, leaving enough room for them to hang freely on the garland later on.
  • Sew the ends together with thread or glue if desired (or use hot glue gun).
  • The finished garland should measure about 1 foot long by 4 feet wide (about half the size of our wall in our example).

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Hanging Ornaments

Hanging ornaments are an easy way to make your room look beautiful. You can hang them from the ceiling, wall or window. You can also hang them from doorways and closets.

If you have a small child who needs help decorating their room, then it’s important that they don’t touch any of your Christmas decorations until after Christmas!

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13 Christmas Decorating Ideas for Kids Rooms

Christmas Art Prints

If you are looking for a way to decorate your kid’s room, printable art is an easy and inexpensive way to go. The internet is full of different options from which you can choose, but here are some of our favorites:

  • Colorful Christmas prints – These come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s something for everyone! We like this one because it has lots of colors and patterns.
  • Handmade ornaments – This one has such a cute look! It would make any Christmas tree stand out from others in the room.

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Snowflakes are a great decoration for kids’ rooms. They’re easy to make, and they can be used in many different ways. Here are some ideas for making your own snowflakes:

  • Paper or fabric snowflakes – You can cut out circles with scissors or use a template to get the perfect size circle. Then you glue them onto cardstock or thin cardboard pieces that you’ve painted black (or whatever color you want). Let dry completely before moving onto the next step!
  • Paint-on snowflakes – If your child is crafty enough, he/she may have an idea of how he/she would like his/her own personalized decorating technique! If not, consider using paint pens instead—they come in lots of colors so there’s really no limit as far as what kind of design goes here 🙂 Just remember not too much water should be added because then it will become sticky rather than looking nice…

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Christmas Blocks

  • Make a Christmas tree out of blocks. You can use foam core board to make the tree and attach the blocks with hot glue.
  • Use wooden dowels to make your Christmas tree stand up, or you can use fishing line (or yarn) if you have that available.
  • Wrap string lights around your painted block tree!

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Stockings are a fun way to display Christmas decorations. You can hang them on the wall or from the fireplace, and they’re easy to make yourself or buy ready-made. For example, you could use fabric stockings with felt heads and Santa hats sewn onto them; or you could use paper stockings printed with festive patterns such as snowflakes or hearts (traditionally used by young children).

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Winter Wall Decals

  • How to apply the decals:
  • Get a friend or family member to help you. You can also use a little tape on the back of each sticker, but it’s not necessary.
  • Decals come in lots of shapes and sizes—be sure to choose one that matches your wall color and pattern, as well as its size (they’re not always perfectly square). Make sure you’ve chosen the right one before applying it by holding up against your wall and looking at how it looks from all angles so there will be no surprises after installation!
  • Find these at most home improvement stores, or online through Amazon or Target (or other retailers). They’re fairly inexpensive compared with other decorating ideas like paintings!

13 Christmas Decorating Ideas for Kids Rooms

Fairy Lights Fence

Fairy lights are a great way to add light and color to your child’s room. They can be hung on the wall, ceiling or door frame. You will need:

  • Fairy lights (the more the merrier!)
  • Wire hangers or zip ties
  • Black electrical tape

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Candy Cane Pillow

  • Pillow case: You can use any fabric that you like and it doesn’t matter if it’s cotton or polyester as long as it has enough give in the material. For example, I used a red and white flannel pillowcase for my candy cane pillow because of its softness and durability.
  • Candy canes: You’ll need about 20-30 candy canes to make this project work, but if you don’t have them on hand then feel free to substitute with other types of decorations such as pine cones or miniature Christmas trees!
  • Ribbon: I chose red ribbon since I thought this would look nice against my white background while also having some contrast between each piece of candy cane (you may also want something more festive like silver tinsel). If using another color then choose one that matches well with what else is going into your room decorating theme – ehrm…candy cane?!

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Santa Boot Rug

Santa boots are a great way to decorate the kids’ room for Christmas. They can be used as a rug for the floor, or hung on the wall. If you want to make your own, try this easy tutorial from Style Me Pretty:

  • Buy some felt and glue it together with fabric scraps (or if you’re making a large one, use buckskin).
  • Cut out shapes of felt onto which you’ve traced pictures of Santa’s face—it doesn’t have to be perfect! Just draw in circles around his eyes and mouth so that he looks like he’s smiling at his child in their room.
  • Cut out strips of other fabrics (like fleece) that match those used for lining up around the edges of each boot shape so there isn’t any gap between them when they’re sewn together later on.* Sew everything together using needle & thread.* Make sure all seams are lined up properly before sewing anything else over top of them because this will help keep things aligned properly when finished.* Now just hang them up!
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13 Christmas Decorating Ideas for Kids Rooms

Christmas Scene in a Frame

A Christmas scene in a frame is a great way to decorate your kid’s room. It can be simple, like a snowy scene of snowmen and snowflakes, or more complicated with Santa and his reindeer on top of the tree. You can also make your own using frames that you already have around the house!

You will need:

  • A picture frame (you can buy these at any craft store)
  • Scissors

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Decorating the kids’ room for the holidays can be fun and easy with these ideas.

Decorating the kids’ room for the holidays can be fun and easy with these ideas.

  • Use paper snowflakes to create a winter scene on your wall.
  • Hang twinkle lights around the room, or use string lights that you have strung together outside.
  • Add some decorations like ribbon candy canes, Christmas tree ornaments and Holiday figurines around your child’s bed or on their shelf if they’re older than 3 years old!

13 Christmas Decorating Ideas for Kids Rooms


If you’re looking for ways to make your kids’ space festive, this list of ideas should help. Whether it’s a party or just hanging out, these decorations can be used year-round and are sure to brighten up any room!


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