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100 Fairycore ideas in 2022 · Picturesque · Nature · Magical

100 Fairycore ideas in 2022 · Picturesque · Nature · Magical

Fairycore is a beautiful and unique collection of 100 fairy designs. The collection is inspired by nature and fairy culture.

The fairlycore aesthetic has been particularly well-liked this year. It originated from a blend of cottagecore and goblincore, however, Tiktok appears to favor the fairycore style more than other platforms.

This is most likely due to the fairycore aesthetic’s focus on incorporating a little enchantment into regular life. I think we could all use that right now!

Even though I adore many of the current fashion trends, I have to admit that fairycore holds a special place in my heart. It’s charming, cheeky, and joyful.

There aren’t really any rules when it comes to the fairycore aesthetic. You are free to be as wacky or subdued as you like!

Describe Fairycore

The fairycore aesthetic is often the aesthetic that centers on the idea of magic in nature. Butterflies, dragonflies, flowers, lilting pastels, glistening water, amiable creatures, and anything magical are all part of it.

The fairycore aesthetic complements the 2020s’ tendency toward color nicely. We tend to adore the thought that something other could exist, and we’re into magic nowadays. A way to bring the magic into our daily life is through fairycore. It is quite easy to go to for everyone.

Even though the pieces don’t fully fit in daily life, some aspects of the fairycore aesthetic can look strange because the trends are all about being etherial. That is, after all, sort of the purpose! It’s a very varied style.

Imagine purchasing a one-of-a-kind item made by a fairy from an outdated, cluttered local shop. This is the aesthetic of fairycore!

Many believe that the fairycore and cottagecore aesthetics are very similar. I believe that the distinction between cottagecore and fairycore is that the former is concerned with things that have historical roots; the latter is about living as though we were in the Italian countryside or on a farm. As opposed to being traditional and historical, it is magical and new.

100 Fairycore ideas in 2022 in Pinterest PREVIEW

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