Splendid Nursery Accent Wall Ideas

10 Splendid Nursery Accent Wall Ideas

We give you 10 Nursery Accent Wall Ideas. If you are looking for the best way to steal a child’s room, accent walls are the right solution for you.

With a little effort, you will convert a children’s room in no time, you don’t even need huge sums of money. Let’s talk a little about accent walls … Prominent walls make the room special. They are simple but have great power to transform space. They are like canvases on which you can try out colors or designs on a relatively small area, for which you would not opt ​​for larger areas. Therefore, you can experiment more freely with colors, patterns, finishes, and gloss, which can bring a truly individual style to each room in your home.

Think about the furniture in the room and how it will look with the chosen, prominent wall color or design. It may be wiser to choose a wall that is not covered with furniture or paintings, one with doors or windows. In smaller or busy spaces, try to choose only a part of one wall for special treatment. It can look especially good if it’s a corner.

Colors and wallpapers are the most popular choice for creating a prominent wall. Choose contrasting colors and bold designs for a stronger effect, or toned shades and muted patterns for a finer approach. Include one of the colors you use on the wall in the decorative elements of the furniture, in order to create a cohesive color scheme. Also use decorative elements for the wall, such as mirrors, picture frames, or open shelves.

Take a look at these 10 nursery accent wall ideas that add drama to the space, from shiny metallic to bird-inspired wallpaper. Choose your prominent wall carefully.

1# Flower Baby room Accent Wall

You will agree that wallpaper is number one when it comes to an accent wall. This beautiful floral wallpaper covered a beautiful part of the baby’s nursery room. With a baby crib canopy, this is an unmistakable combination.

2# Bohemian Nursery

Bohemian nursery or Boho nursery cannot pass without beautiful rainbow wallpaper. In this case, they are excellently insulated as a baby room accent wall.

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