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10 Nursery Design Trends for 2022/2023

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2022/2023—can you believe it? When 2022/2023 was like the Jetson future in middle school, we made time capsules that we planned to open when we had grandchildren. In the future, it turns out that I still have children who are in diapers, but the new decade surely makes me uncomfortable. It has a fresh, expansive, and full-of-opportunity feel.
I enjoy noticing trends in a variety of genres, but I find it especially fascinating to watch how our children’s rooms and nurseries change over time. I thought it would be interesting to create my own little forecast of the nursery decor trends I believe would be most prevalent in 2022–2023. I learned the majority of this via talking to you folks. You deliver me pictures with designs.

1. Rainbows Rule / top Nursery Design Trends

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I believe the rainbow’s success in 2019 is just the beginning. Everything from wallpaper to art prints, wooden toys and cutouts, mobiles, bedding, macrame, and more now features the rainbow. The rainbow can serve as the nursery’s focal point or a delicate, understated touch (see how many rainbows you can spy in the rest of these trend photos below.) However, the rainbow is equally stunning in joyful brights, pastels, and every shade of color. I have seen this trend particularly strong in a popular terracotta color scheme of rusts, burnt oranges, and muted blushes (see below for that trend in and of itself). Additionally, for many people who are fortunate, the rainbow adds a sentimental touch.

2. Naturally Neutral + Boho

Natural Gender Neutral Nursery

Although neutral boho nurseries with organic accents have been popular for a while, I believe they will endure into the decade. The décor of the bohemian neutral nursery conveys its very free-spirited vibe. Vintage rugs, plants, macrame wall hangings, natural light fixtures, easy prints, and natural wood furnishings all go in well with the bohemian aesthetic. The “wabi-sabi” concepts of beauty in imperfection, simplicity, and serenity are celebrated in a naturally neutral nursery where the outdoors is incorporated. I adore this trend and don’t see it going away anytime soon, but I do see it developing further and fusing with different styles.

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3. Wicker & Woven

Vintage Floral Blush Rust Wicker Nursery

Wicker is undoubtedly in style right now, even though natural materials in general are. Depending on how you utilize it, it has a natural, handcrafted vibe and may quickly add bohemian or coastal appeal to your nursery room. Another popular trend right now is woven hanging baskets, which are a wonderful way to add some woven magic to your nursery and quickly lighten the area.

4. New Southwest

Glam Jungalow Nursery Justina Blakely Pink Gold Boho

This style is a subset of the longer-lasting “glam bungalow” trend, which features touches of blush, gold, or brass in a boho-neutral nursery. The cactus and llama theme has now been added to this aesthetic, which is what I’m dubbing the New Southwest. Although it is vibrant, joyful, and whimsical, it yet has a natural, airy, and light feel to it. Here is where you can get the well-known and magnificent chandelier designed by Justina Blakely, the creator of the Bungalow style since I know you’ll ask.

5. Coastal Cool

Nautical Nursery Decor

Compared to earlier times, coastal fashion is the current nautical fashion. The cool seaside environment blends well with the white and bright board and batten or bead board, small-scale wallpaper, and neutral, natural décor. With Pantone’s 2020 color of the year, this pure blue motif has a refined seaside vibe at its core. At the forefront, use navy blue or classic blue.

6. Terracotta & Blush

Rust Blush Terracotta Rainbow Gender Neutral Nursery

I’ve stated this before, but blushing isn’t really in right now. It has evolved into a nursery decor staple (and weddings, fashion, and more.) Regardless, in my opinion, it is the new “baby pink.” Terracotta, a new friend of blush’s in town, and they look stunning together. Terracotta is a trendy earthy muted orange that is sometimes known as rust, burnt orange, or ginger. Even though terracotta is lovely on its own, it works major bohemian magic when combined with blush. Sky blue, warm gray, and mustard are some further complementary hues. Because they are earthy by nature (see what I did there? ), these subdued hues all support the natural neutral nursery discussed above.

7. Sophisticated SM Style

Studio Mcgee Nursery

I owe Studio Mcgee, a (not-so) tiny design firm, all the credit for demonstrating to us how kid-friendly homes can be both charming and opulent. In 2020, if you don’t already know who Studio McGee is, you will. Their fashion is uniquely theirs. Cali-cool, modern farmhouse, mid-century modern, and new traditional are all combined in perfect harmony here. (I am aware that this is a lot, but it is SO GOOD!) They begin by using tasteful, neutral color palettes before adding texture, dramatic lighting, and vintage accents. The end product is an elegant, opulent, yet laid-back and welcoming atmosphere. More often than nurseries, we have seen their work in children’s spaces, although many of you have contacted me about translating one of their children’s rooms.

8. Naturally Ethereal

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As the naturally neutral nursery develops, I’ve begun to notice this ethereal tendency, which goes beyond the use of natural materials to create a wonderfully imaginative atmosphere throughout the room. Consider the pampas grass (which is proliferating all around), but use it here as a natural cloud that resembles a dream. As all of you, inventive parents discover fresh approaches to designing whimsical and dreamy spaces while upholding the tranquility of a naturally neutral nursery, I believe we’ll continue to see more of this.

9. Navy Blue

Navy Blue Nursery - Navy Floral Nursery

As previously mentioned, Pantone’s 2020 color of the year is Classic Blue. I believe we will see this strong blue in both settings where it doesn’t typically appear (such as florals) as well as settings where it has always felt right at home (I’m looking at you, coastal).

10. The Mix

Floral Hoop Nursery Green

This is less of a theme or trend than it is a reluctance to stick with one and instead combine features that may be traditional or modern in nursery decor to create a nursery that uniquely reflects your personality. With so many very wonderful design alternatives available, many of which are quite reasonably priced, nursery design has advanced significantly over the years. The opportunity to design an excellent nursery has never been greater, and there has never been a better moment to give your child the room of their dreams. Therefore, while trends are great and frequently the ideal beginning point for us to figure out how to evolve our style, feel free to mix it up.

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