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Kids Land, girls bed canopy

Do you want to add some amazed decoration to your daughter’s room to make her surprised and happy with those girls bed canopy?

Do you want to create a funny game space to your son, so that he can invite his little friends to play together?

Do you want to glaring light from your baby’s crib to offer your little baby a safe and cozy sleeping environment?

Now you can do it with our baby crib canopy!

Application Scenarios

– Fix it on your ceiling, put a big pad cushion and several dolls under it, so that creates a big beautiful princess castle for your little girl to play in it.

Build a secret space belonging to kids themselves only, kids now can play toys, games and have fun inside to the fullest, with the sensation of joy and a sense of safety.

– Drape a round dome girls bed canopy over the bed, add fairy lights, a dream catcher, or tassels, adding charm to any bedroom.

– Drape it over your baby’s crib, ideal for keeping all the terrible and annoying insects away, let kids sleep soundly.

– Attach a mobile and hang over your baby’s crib, hang strips of fabric and create a special spot in your garden or patio.

Ideal Christmas gift: give your princess an enchanting bed canopy for Christmas and make her feel extra special.

Our baby crib canopy is made of soft breathable cotton and comfortable. You will be amazed at the flowing of fabric hanging from the ceiling.


1、Adjust the rope at the top to fit a relatively high ceiling.

2、If for bed, please hang it close to the headboard.

3、Take care when you unfold the pop-up steel ring.

4、 To assuring100% sturdy, please wait 8 hours before hang-on the canopy and please hammer the nails besides stick-on tape.


A canopy bed has a canopy that is frequently draped with bed curtains. The canopy and curtains keep the bed warm while also shielding it from light and sight. They may also be ornately ornamented on more expensive mattresses.

Baby crib canopy today are divided into two categories: conventional and contemporary. With metal rod frames or delicately carved wood frames and supports, most conventional canopy beds have a Victorian look. Ruffled, pleated intricate draping, sometimes with fairly heavy linen, is a common element of these throwbacks. Contemporary canopy beds, on the other hand, tend to be simpler in style. Modern canopy beds are made of wood, metal, or a combination of the two materials, with little to no decoration on the foot and headboards and typically featuring crisp, geometric shapes.

In shared apartments without central heating, the canopy bed was born out of a desire for warmth and solitude. In medieval and early modern Europe, single-person chambers were virtually unknown, as it was typical for the wealthy and nobles to share a room with servants and attendants. It was not ordinary to put a simple curtain across a room to protect the bed from chilly drafts and provide a sense of separation between living and sleeping space, even in extremely cheap dwellings.

Ornately carved bed frames and rich textiles became fashionable in the 16th century. Canopies are listed as “roofs” and “chapel roofs” in the inventories of Scottish nobility, and a “chapel bed” was created for Anne of Denmark, James VI and I’s wife, in 1600. In 1605, she had a crimson velvet and damask bed built for her in England, with a “sparver” canopy. The London Worshipful Company of Upholders’ heraldic symbol features three sparver or canopy beds. Until 1911, the family’s canopy bed was the most important piece of household furniture in pre-Republican China, and it was sometimes part of the bride’s dowry.

These beds were typically ornately painted with auspicious patterns, particularly those related to fertility, longevity, and a good marriage union, as status symbols. During the German Wirtschaftswunder, Frommern was the international capital of furniture. The concepts of the royal Hofebenist are taken up by a line of high polished industrial manufacturing in Frommern. The classic Himmelbett is employed as a hotel bed in the Haus der Volkskunst.

Bed canopy styles from many eras are still popular today, thanks to improved structures and trendy fashion.

  • How to Style a Baby Canopy Bed to Make It Trendy These beds, according to Instagram, will take your master bedroom to the next level right now. They come in a variety of styles, so you’re likely to find one that matches the design in your room and the rest of your house.
  • Metal Toddler Bed Canopy, Metal Canopy Bed, Metal Canopy As this post from borninteriors shows, high ceilings and canopy beds go hand in hand. In this situation, minimalism is key, and the curtains, as you can see, aren’t part of the design. The artwork, which is centered in the frame, then adds dimension to the piece. Even so, the bed’s basic frame is enough to give it a sophisticated and trendy aesthetic.
  • King Size Wooden Canopy Bed That is one incredible bed canopy. It has a really genuine, handcrafted feel about one, and building it from scratch wouldn’t be difficult. Fairy lights and palm leaves are draped over the drapes instead of standard curtains. For more great ideas like this, follow tinypartments on Instagram.
  • Decorative Plants to Hang, Take a look at onetribeapparel’s other spectacular canopy. It has a boho vibe and instead of standard cloth curtains, it uses plants. The white walls and bedding are offset by the green plants. Finally, the wood accents across the space tie everything together.
  • How To Make A Wooden Canopy Bed Kerfandburled’s canopy design is simple but full of personality. Because the design is so adaptable, it relies solely on the frame and no curtains. You may make this frame out of boards and 4 × 4 wood posts. After you’ve finished making the frame, pick a complementary color and bedding to go with it. The result is a bed that is both simple and modern.
  • The frame is made of dark brown wood. There are numerous ways to style a canopy that aren’t very complicated. A excellent example is this one offered by artisticinteriordesign. It has a simple but sophisticated design. It blends well with the rest of the decor. The framed artwork over the headboard adds a great finishing touch.
  • Canopy Bed in Gold, This simple canopy frame is another good example. It features a slim golden frame that complements the hanging pendant lamp in the center of the room. For more creative ideas, go to

The majority of canopy beds are rectangular and can be used to hang decorations or materials. You may leave the frame exposed if you choose, but draping it makes it feel cozier and more appealing.

How to drape a canopy bed is as follows:

  • To add drapery rods, measure the distance between the bedposts.
  • Connect the bedposts with the rods.
  • Decide on the drapery fabric.
  • Use ribbons or other built-in apertures to secure the fabric.
  • You won’t need to attach rods if your canopy bed already has them.

Now it’s time to drape your baby crib canopy, also don’t forget to see our crib bumper on sale price!

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